Coaching Testimonials

I began working with Drew in 2019, in a group setting prior to the pandemic with the goal of strengthening my sales skills at work. During the pandemic, one of the things I placed great importance on, was the time spent each week with Drew 1:1. He helped me to become aware of the things most important to me, how to formulate goals to visualize those things, and how to plan action steps to realize those visions. From abstract concepts such as “leading with your Why”, “awareness = choice”, “fight the resistance” and manifesting your own destiny, to the cold hard truth of “you still gotta do the work”, Drew is always there to hold me accountable, judgement free, in a most supportive way. In the 3 years i’ve worked with him, some notable results worth mentioning:

  1. Work: I increased my income by 30%, obtained the benefits I felt I deserved, and ended up in a much different role, better suited to me with endless opportunities for growth.
  2. Fitness/Health: I lost a sixth of my body mass, (60 pounds) and have maintained this over the past year. Cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar in optimal range for my age (50).
  3. Family/Interpersonal Relationships: Difficult to measure, but he has helped me to improve the communication style with those I love most…my wife, my children, and my siblings, so that our interactions are much more pleasant with better outcomes. We are all happier.
  4. Music: He has helped me to build my once “hobby” as a musician into a becoming a successful, part-time career as a professional musician.

One of my favorite things about Drew, he rarely shares anything with me I didn’t already know. He’s got a gift of bringing these things to the surface and connecting them to become part of the solution. He helps to remove the roadblocks, so I can do the work. Doing the work is the easy part. Knowing your direction is everything. Drew is my compass.

Billy McCarthy, LSW
Home Care Liaison


I started working with Andrew as my professional development and leadership coach when I received a promotion to a senior management position.  We worked together for 6 months, and he had a tremendous positive impact on helping me develop my leadership style and communicate more effectively with my team.

Andrew showed me the power of servant leadership and the importance of meeting my staff where they are and not where I am.  Finally, the process taught me many things about myself that helped me not only grow as a professional, but even had a positive impact in my personal life. I continue to use the tools shared, and they are part of my daily life.

Andrew was the ability to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his wealth of experience and ideas with me without making me feel overwhelmed, and after every season left me with helpful insights, ideas, or questions to ponder.

During my time with Andrew, I felt heard, supported, and championed in the attainment of my goals. He has been a vital resource to me, and I look forward to our continuing relationship. I know that I can always count on him whenever challenging situations come up.

Elaine Montilla
Assistant Vice President and CIO
The Graduated Center, CUNY


Drew came highly recommended to me, and I started working with him as a coach when my role at work was morphing and I was given more responsibilities. Together we worked on schedule management, having difficult conversations, managing up, and most importantly, self-limiting beliefs that were stopping me from being successful. Drew has an amazing insight into behavior. He draws on his own experience and speaks from the heart.  When I needed to be ‘pushed’ he was there with a gentle, yet forceful, hand. I’m very grateful for his coaching, which has allowed me to achieve my personal and professional goals and help others to do the same.

Gwen S Packard
Managing Director-Business Development
Personal Lines Manager
Private Client and Family Office Advisor
CRISP Insurance Advisors


I worked with Andrew during the course of growth and transition in my business and found him to be an invaluable partner, sounding board and mentor. He brings a unique combination of intellectual rigor and interpersonal empathy which is rare - combining best of breed analytical approaches with a keen ear and eye which makes him a great strategic partner for business transaction decisions and negotiations. I recommend him highly as a coach and advisor who can add tremendous value across the lifecycle and decision-making moments of businesses, and the executives who drive them.

Michael G. Frenkel
Travel Conversations, LLC


Andrew (Drew) Donofrio has been guiding me professionally since 2019.  His advice provided me the foundational tools to begin my adventure as a sole proprietor, after having spent my career in public accounting.  It was his unwavering support and belief in me that eventually translated to belief in myself.  I endearingly refer to him as my professional therapist.

I appreciate Drew's style as a coach because it is highly personalized.  Whenever we met, it was not only immensely productive time, but I also felt like I was meeting with an old friend.  He invests in relationships with his clients early on, spending the time to learn about our goals and what motivates us.  But it doesn't end there.  As the relationship evolves and the goals change, Drew keeps his finger on the pulse and adjusts his approach accordingly.  He epitomizes what it means to be a good listener, and constantly finds ways to add value and help.

Melissa A. Dardani, CPA, CFE, MAcc
MD Advisory Services

Coach Andrew Donorfio